Select Your Medium
Charcoal Powder : Chinese brush technique will be applied on the paper.  Glass frame with mats is recommended to keep it safe and look good.
Pastel (Color) : Color chalks are used on velour paper or regular pastel paper. Pastel on velour paper need to be treated carefully due to the powder falling.  However, it is most popular medium people usually choose. Glass frame with mats is recommended to keep it safe and look good.  When you frame it do not use gun directly on the picture.
Watercolor :  Watercolor paints with water will be applied on the watercolor paper.  It is safe and attractive.  Glass frame with mats is recommended to keep it safe and look good.
Oil : it is safe and permanent.  After the oil paints get dried, you can varnish the painting for keeping safe and making look good.  You need a  frame alone without glass and mats.

     Choose a Size of your picture
Opening Size: The frame sizes given in the portrait fees are same as paper sizes.  The actual drawing sizes which is opening sizes  are 6 inches in vertical and horizontal  smaller than the paper sizes given in the list.
Decide Canvas Layout and Number of People :  You can choose vertical or horizontal according to the photo layout or according to your ideal composition. You can select your portrait layout according to how you hang your picture on your wall.  Otherwise artist will find the best layout for the portrait.

Single Group
Vertical (portrait) Vertical (portrait) Horizontal (landscape)

Decide the Portion of the Body : You must decide what portion of the body should be painted on the limited  paper or canvas size.

Each Size has it’s own set portions of the body. If you want more portion of the body than your size set for, each additional  portion requires 10 % more.  (e.g. In your choice of 16 x 20 (head and neck), your request for head and chest requires 10% more.)

 Charcoal, Pastel & Watercolor
Frame Size Opening Size Portion of the Body
14″x18″   8″ x 12″ Head and neck
16″x20″ 10″ x14″ Head and chest
18″x24″ 12″x18″ 1/2 Body
20″x24″ 14″ x18″ 1/2 Body w/o hands
24″x30″ 18″ x 24″ 1/2 Body w/ hands
Canvas Size Portion of the Body
11 x 14  and 14 x 18 Head and chest
16 x 20 1/2 Body w/o hands
18 x 24 and 20 x 24 1/2 Body w/ hands
24 x 30  Full Figure

Choose the Background of your picture
You can choose ‘no background’ for Charcoal,  Pastel and  Watercolor .  However, If you want background, select simple (artist will adjust) or  complex background.

       Some Changes
You can think of removing or adding any objects , changing B/W photo to color, combining people from separate photos into one portrait, adding a different background and changing some portion of the body using different photo. You can simply leave a note of what you want  in comments and requests box in ‘check out’ site after your decide.

Changes and Additions or Deletions: Please provide us detailed information in your initial request.  When your request changes in your original order, we will attempt every change that the artist feels is possible.   We can accommodate most changes with no extra cost.  Major changes or starting a new canvas may incur extra costs.

Choose Your Frame
If you are a local customer and need a frame with portrait, You can choose the frame in Frames or at artist studio for more option.