Credit Card or Debit Card
You can pay by credit card in person or through a PayPal invoice you will receive.  
Mail payment – Send check or money order payable to: Joseph Park at 645 Penncross Dr. Raleigh, NC 27610
50% deposit
You can make 35% deposit and then pay the balance at the pick up or shipping. 35 % deposit is non-refundable if the artist already start working on your portrait. If you are not satisfied with the portrait work done by the artist, he is willing to work on your requests to satisfy you.

Confirmation and Final Payment

Prior to mailing your portrait, we will send you a digital photo for your review. This is your chance to accept the order or suggest any changes.  If you are satisfied with the portrait after viewing the photo, we will then mail your painting or ask you to come and pick up the portrait.
If you are unsatisfied, you may reply to us and clearly state the reason for your dissatisfaction and list any changes you would like to have made.  We will address these changes and send you a second proof with touch-ups for your approval.  If we can not achieve your satisfaction after the third touch- up, you may continue to work with us on changing the portrait to your specification, If you are finally satisfied, we will send  you the portrait or let you pick it up after making final payment on your balance. After you pick up your portrait, there will be no return or no refund. .