When you want to choose a photo you like, choose more than one so that I  can help you find the better picture. Besides that, it will help me to understand the figure better. If you have several choices in selecting photos, choose well focused ones.  Even though  you do not have a quality photo except what you have like a driver license photo, the artist is still able to produce amazing life-like portrait . However,  you need to understand that  the result will not be the same as the case of good photo.

I can understand when you take a picture of the photo you like instead of scanning it so that you can email it to me. However, when you do it, at least take the photo out of the frame and do it. Take many pictures and send me more than one.

Sending Digital Photos or Scanned Photos

When you  want to email your photos, send me the actual size of the photo. Please do not reduce the size.  Larger size is better. When you take a picture, target face.

   Requesting Some Changes to the Photo

  1. Removing or adding any objects  (e.g. people, scars on the face etc.).   Adding or removing glasses or hair  are possible but not recommended. Changing facial expression is not recommended.
  2. Changing Black and White photo to Color.
  3. Combining people from separate photos into one portrait.
  4. Adding a different background.
  5. Changing some portion of the body using different photo. (e.g. Changing clothes, adding arms or legs)

(When you request above items, please supply all the photos containing the elements to be painted. )