The price is based on the number of people (or animal or house) in the painting, the medium, the size of the portrait, how the subject is cropped and the complexity of clothing and of background settings. Price does not include framing, shipping fees nor any state or city sales taxes, where applicable. You can have a dialogue with Joseph Park and determine the scope of portrait and details in commissioning portrait painting.   We take major credit cards. 

Charcoal Powder Price
Number of Figures14x1816x2018x24 20x24 22x2624x30

Pastel (Chalk) Price
Number of Figures14x1816x2018x2420x2422x2624x30

15 % Off from Charcoal and Pastel Price 


50 % deposit is preferred.  I hope you understand that the deposit will not be refundable after I start working on your portrait. I take credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discovery and American Express etc.).

Make a payment 

Can I pose for you as a Model or just bring you a photo?

You are welcome to pose for me.  Even though It  takes time and a courage to be a model in front of people at the mall,  I promise you that your portrait  will be more artistic, free and thrill.

When you want to pose in more private environment, you can come to my  home studio on Monday only and its price is not half anymore.  If you want me to come to your place,  there will be an extra charge unless it is a good size of oil paintings.

Otherwise, bring your nice photos.  It will be more convenient.

From Black and White photo to Color

There will be  20 % surcharge.


Consult with the Artist about the price.

Suggested Portion of the body for different sizes

Charcoal, Pastel & Watercolor
Frame Size Suggested Portion of the Body
14″x18″ Head and neck
16″x20″ Head and chest
18″x24″ 1/2 body  w/ arms
20″x24″ 1/2 body  w/ hands
24″x30″ Full body
Canvas Size Suggested Portion of the Body
11 x 14 and 14 x 18 Head and chest or 1/2 body
16 x 20  Head and chest or 1/2 body
18 x 24 and 20 x 24 1/2 body w/ hands or Full body
24 x 30 1/2 body w/ hands or Full body

If you want more than the portion of the body described for your portrait size,  10 % more will be added for each next portion of the body.

Frame Size and Opening Size

Opening size will be smaller than frame size because of mat space. The gab between frame and the inner picture will be 3 inches in each side.